7 Fruits You Should Avoid If You Trying To Lose Weight

7 Fruits You Should Avoid If You Trying To Lose Weight

7 Fruits You Should Avoid If You Trying To Lose Weight

Most diets or diet devoted to weight loss depend on avoiding some foods rich in calories such as fats and sugars and replacing them with natural sources of essential nutrients such as fruits and vegetables to satisfy hunger and obtain energy, but you must pay attention to the varieties you choose, as some fruits and vegetables have properties that cause Weight gain and stability must be completely avoided, and for this day we present to you the most important information about the forbidden fruit in the diet completely.

Diet chemist is one of the three dietary diet that is mainly protein-dependent but have the most, carbohydrates and are of complex and not simple quality, fruits and vegetables, but only some options that do not cause weight gain are allowed. All types of fruits are permitted in the chemical diet except (mango - grapes - dates - parchment - pineapple) due to the high content of these sugars and calories.

Fruits that help to diet

1- Peach 

Peach is considered one of the best fruits of fruits allowed for dieting because it contains few calories as the average peach fruit contains 35 calories on average, as well as providing an appropriate amount of fiber that takes a long period in digestion and reduces the feeling of hunger, as the medium peach fruit contains 2.5 grams of dietary fiber, approximately 10% of your daily fiber needs. These fibers have several good functions for dieting, as they reduce the severity and frequency of hunger episodes and craving foods, also reduce the body's absorption of fats and even help in burning them and providing the body with energy and activity, moreover, a single peach fruit contains 89% of water, and a huge amount Vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants are essential for human health.

2-The Strawberry

Strawberries are considered one of the best fruits that help in losing weight, as they are considered low in calories, so we find that one cup of cut strawberries contains 94 calories only, and it also provides a high amount of important nutrients to the body such as vitamin C, which has a role in burning fat in addition to To calcium, magnesium, and potassium, as well as containing phenolic acid, one of the antioxidants that science has proven effective in increasing rates of burning.


It is one of the fruits that can be relied upon to obtain sugars and reduce the craving for foods rich in sugar. Although kiwi contains a small number of calories by 42 calories per fruit, it helps to feel fuller and stimulate vital processes to burn calories and fats and provide the body Powered.


It consists of 90% water, so it is considered one of the safest and the best fruits that you can eat freely and open quantities in dieting, as 100 grams of watermelon contains only 30 calories and a lot of dietary fiber that takes a long time


Lemon is considered one of the best fruits that you can rely on to accelerate the process of burning stored fat and reducing the body's ability to store more fat. In the fat cells, and it also helps to avoid feeling hungry repeatedly.


Bananas are a great addition to your diet if you want to lose extra weight, because they contain the most soluble starch compared to other options of fruits, in addition to containing an adequate amount of vital nutrients that help improve digestion and reduce severity Bloating and keep feeling full for long periods.


Many diets and dieting depend on the properties of grapefruit in burning fat and losing weight, as studies and research have found that grapefruit contains enzymes that reduce the body's ability to absorb fat from food if grapefruit is eaten before every meal.

Avoid these fruits 


Fruits rich in calories and sugars that are stored in the form of fats. They also contain high levels of salts that stimulate the cells of the body to retain fluids, which increases the weight of water.


Considered one of the richest fruits with sugars and calories.


Avocado, contains the fat needed by the body, although it works to gain weight, and this causes an increase in calories.

4-Dried fruits

You should avoid dried fruits permanently during dieting, as they contain huge amounts of sugars that are added during the drying and preparation process.

Be sure to avoid eating forbidden fruit in the diet that increase weight during your diet, or you can only eat one of them once a week or twice at the latest.

Drinks that help in dieting 


It is a non-calorie beverage that you can eat in abundant quantities in a suitable range, in the water that helps the body get rid of toxins, improve blood circulation, increase activity rates and energy, and it increases the elasticity of the skin in order to adapt to the changes resulting from weight loss.

2-Vegetable juices

Vegetable juices can be a suitable alternative to fruit juices, as they contain ample amounts of fiber and nutrients and are always low in calories, but be sure not to filter out the vegetable juices and eat them in their full form.

3-Green Tea

A powerful natural antioxidant with proven properties to increase fat burning and detoxification rates.


Drinks that contain caffeine, such as coffee and tea, help to lose weight more quickly, bearing in mind not to add high-calorie sweeteners.

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