Terms Of Use

Terms Of Use

The blog provides the ability to comment on the content posted on it. Like all users, you have the  right to participate in the comment, provided you  right to participate in the comment, provided you  do not post any content that may provide you do not post any content that may be harmful, defamatory, infringing, abusive, incitement, dirty, or the Like You are solely responsible for the  comments you make on the blog The intellectual property rights of the comments remain registered to you. 

However, the blog owner has the right to reuse comment in any  blog related activity without the need to  request prior permission from the commander, provided that he states the name of the commenter and doesn't amend the comment  in a way that leads to a distortion in its meaning For comments on the blog, it is preferred to mention your personal name.

You can use a nickname, but it is never allowed to impersonate any person, famous, official, or governmental body It is best to  mention your real email when commenting. The blog is committed not to use this mail for any activity except for personal correspondence.

You are obligated not to  deliver your mail to any third party without your prior permission You must not modify or adapt the blog or use it  illegally or in any other way that could harm or disrupt the blog Thanks for your patience and welcome to our site.

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